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The Family Council

The Family-Resident Council is a dedicated group of family members and legal guardians who work together to improve the quality of life for Residents living in Memory Care.

The Council works with the administration to highlight problems or concerns and make recommendations for improvements or resolution of ongoing issues. The Council interacts with other family members, staff, and residents to communicate residents’ needs, and can help facilitate desired outcomes or refer family members to outside resources.

The Family-Resident Council also acknowledges the positive contributions of the care-staff by providing tokens of appreciation during the holidays, and random acts of thankfulness throughout the year.

The group meets regularly in person (and by Zoom) to hear about and discuss current concerns and provide administrative responses to previous issues. Management may or may not be included in a portion of the Council’s meetings.

Family members and legal guardians are encouraged to participate but are not required to be a part of the Family-Resident Council. The Council will advocate for all residents, regardless.

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Rights & Regulations

Education about Resident Rights and Virginia Law helps us ensure the well-being and dignity of our loved ones residing in Memory Care Assisted Living. 

Resident Rights in Virginia

The rights and responsibilities of Assisted Living residents are governed by state regulations and are designed to protect the well-being and dignity of residents.

Virginia Law: Regulations for Assisted Living Facilities

In Virginia, “Memory Care” is considered “Assisted Living”, and falls under the laws that govern Assisted Living facilities.

Virginia Law: Resident-Family Council

The purpose of the Family-Resident Council is to work with the administration to improve the quality of life for all residents

Virginia Standards for Licensed Assisted Living Facilities

Last amended by the State Board of Social Services in August, 2021.


Unleashing the Potential of Resident-Family Councils:

Unleashing the Potential of Resident-Family Councils:

Advocacy for the Well-Being of Dementia Residents in Memory Care In 2018, Virginia added regulation…


The Family Council uses contributions from family members for staff appreciation gifts and staff/resident activities.